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She loves torturing their big dicks

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The sexy princess blows a magical dust that is blue and white. She asks the monsters if ‘they hurt when they come out’, meaning if when their cocks pop out from the torture of her magic dust, it hurts. There is a loud boing and their big dicks grow out and they look down in amazement at the power of this slut’s magic trick! She wants to torture them and distract them with some banana slurping. They admit that it does hurt when they come out, but with this princess stuck in the middle of the two monster robots, how could their mechanical dicks be hurting? There are sexy slurping noises and the princess continues licking the heads of their super rock hard dicks. This is just not going to end! She loves torturing their big dicks. Her big natural round watermelons are a great addition to the scenery these robots are getting, and they just might let this sexy tramp go out of imprisonment in exchange for the blowjobs. She always gets what she wants, and will do anything to get her way – this is why she is on her precious knees, holding the shafts of both dicks – one in each hand!

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